Thursday, September 19, 2013

Oklahoma, here I come!

Got loaded out last night from Commerce, CA....8 mi from downtown LA.....47,040 lbs of shingles, headed for Lawton, OK.  I'm at about max weight, with only half full fuel tanks, I'm at 79,420 I am getting 75 gallons each time I need fuel.  Makes for a long trip.  But it is a beautiful day for driving.  No clouds in AZ, 96 degrees (just a mite bit warm)....and as usual for AZ....a healthy wind!

If everything goes well, I'll be in Lawton tomorrow afternoon.  Then I have to start figuring out about getting tires for the trailer and the tractor....should prove interesting.  Anyway, lunch break is over, time to roll up some asphalt and get closer to OK.  :)

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