Friday, September 13, 2013

Just a little catch up while on break :)

Once again I am in Salt Lake City, UT pulling a 34 hour restart...SLC is becoming my second home!  I seem to end up here at least twice a month, actually seems to be more often that that!

And I'm amazed that it has only been just over a week since I last posted....I am getting a little better at this! LOL    I believe that I was in Livingston, CA on another 34 restart killing time!  Since that time I have been to ......  Los Angeles, CA to Salt Lake City, UT (see what I mean).. :)..hauled a coil of steel (44,000 pounds).  

Then I went 120 miles south of SLC to a little town named Lynndyl, UT and picked up 45,000 pounds of old railroad rails... and what a mess!! The pick spot is on the side of the railhead and there had been so many loads out that the dirt was down to the consistency of talcum was windy, dirty, rainy, you name it....

by the time I was loaded, I looked like Al Jolson about to do his rendition of "Mammy"!!  Plus, to scale out had to drive 15 miles one way to a feed store in Delta, UT....first trip I was 2,400 lbs over gross, so....back we went to take a few rails off and then back to Delta.
Those rails were delivered to downtown Joplin, MO.  And I do mean downtown. And the dirt there was just as bad as in UT, but much less windy and so just my feet and shins got filthy!!  Nice change.

From Joplin, I went to Pricher, OK...look up Pricher on has a very interesting story to it's death!  It is listed as a ghost town now.....13 years ago it had a population of 1,600+...but due to a 100 year old mining operation, the town (what's left that has not been leveled) has a population of 20 and a huge "SuperFund" operation going on that is trying to clean up the mine mess.  Interesting.

All along these last couple of loads the weather has been interesting....from sunny to rainy to highly windy to pea soup fog!  I was running along thru NE and WY during the time that CO areas received up to 7 inches of rain in 12 hours....those poor folks have a real mess on their hands.  And it hasn't been much better in UT...the SLC area had heavy rains and because of the fires last year in the surrounding mountains, they had mudslides the past several days. On the news here last night they spoke with a man that was still shoveling mud out of his swimming pool - two days after the rains....and they are just hoping that the rains will stay away long enough for it to dry up...but it was raining here this morning when I woke up.  So I'll see what the news has to say tonight.

One thing about being on the road,I really do see a lot of gorgeous countryside!This was the view I had my last run out of UT with the rails at the rest area I stopped at for one night. The little panarama pic doesnt' really do it justice, but it was beautiful!

And, of course, for all of us that love to watch storms, I got to run thru, around or inbetween several of them in the past week!
Love to see storm clouds...just wish I could have caught some of the lightening that was going on with was fabulous!

Also get to see what type of autos are being moved around the country, or changing hands of ownership!  Nice little old Bronco!
And of some try to be more "eco-friendly", I almost missed getting a pic of this cell phone tower!!  Looks like a real tree!  Right!!  LOL
So, this brings me up current to where I am again....parked at the TA in Toole, UT (just west of SLC) on a break again!  Tomorrow starts another chapter in the life of a flatbedder!!  So, more to come, soon!!

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