Sunday, May 16, 2021

Last days in Arizona!

Another beautiful morning in the woods of Arizona!! Bright sun, blue skies & the wind is picking up! 🐸

The nights have been Nice & cool! In the mid-thirties every morning! And 70 each day! The temperatures that I look for! 

I was able to finally get my "rear looking lights" wired up and the switch installed. Of course I would buy a switch that didn't come with a mounting bracket!

So with what I have with me I "made" a mounting plate! It's not perfect, but it does do the job! I can reach it easily from the driver's seat and from the back for when I'm parked/camping. And they are a lot brighter than I thought they would be! YEA!

 And, for the first time, I got into the trailer after it was dark outside! And the little light I got at Harbor Freight is a LOT brighter than I expected. Very Good!

I include this pic of a newspaper article from the "White Mountains Independent" about the drought & fires out here in AZ. And it seems to be the issue in almost all of the Western states. They are in a world of hurt for moisture!
And I hope that this summer doesn't get a bad as the past couple of years....but it is not looking good....and this screenshot was several days ago. 😖

So keep up with about 6 days we will be on the road North bound on the next leg of this years travels. OH....and working on getting a custom logo designed by #prlcreative. Can't wait to see it...and when done, there will be stickers coming out very soon after that.
And it you follow us on Instagram you will know all about the #icaughtfrog2021 that gives you a chance to get a sticker! And maybe have a cup of coffee with Abbie & me. Just take a pic or log down where you saw us & the date....and tag us in a post, and a sticker will be headed your way...soon as we know where to send it!

So I hope you stay with us, get on Instagram because we post there several times a week, if you like our travels stop by and check us out on Patreon.

C'ya out here...soon!?!?!  

Get out into the woods!!

Frog & Abbie

🐸        🐶



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