Tuesday, July 7, 2020

3-4 weeks to go!!

The time is getting closer for departure into the vast "forgotten lands"!!  LOL! I'll be headed into the Blue Ridge Parkway mountains! The temperatures in that part of the land is passable (for me) to have a pleasant time & see the sights!

I've been spending a fair amount of time down by the river here in town due to the fact that there is a breeze for the majority of the time there.

There seem to even be "tiny-homes" that float!!!

I'm also so taken by the birds there! I love the herons, egrets & the little "swiftlets" (at least that is what I call them!) 


This young hawk was still hanging around for several days after he made his first flight out of the nest! He was still trying to get his "sea legs" and kept forgetting that the bushes were NOT a good place to try to land!!  LOL!

And it is also quite fun to watch the boaters go by! Everything from the bass boats to the kayaks to pontoon boats to mini-cabin cruisers!

Just a few pics of remembering being back on the road!


I'm down to about 12 days and the kids will be out here. They are in the middle of final packing for the move...which with the kids is quite an interesting task!

Have gotten about half of my "Europa list" completed. Have several more projects to do, but will have to get a helping hand from Cary to get them done. But getting closer each day!

So stick around, there will be a lot to see, places to make note of, possibly places to not make note of....and just lots to do! Hopefully!!

C'ya out here soon!!
Frog, Abbie & Snickers
🐸      🐶      🐱


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