Monday, April 23, 2018


Hi guys! Well, I've made it to Arizona. Can you tell!!  LOL! Right now I'm parked at the Paiute Tribe campground just up the road from Pipe Springs National Monument. And back down the road just about a mile is the turn off to run into the Strip. We just might do a short run into the area this afternoon. Want to scope out a spot to camp at starting probably Wednesday.

The campground here is basically new. They have just recently do a lot of upgrades to it, it has a new "common building" that has showers, a laundry facility ( and I was surprised that they were only $1.75 washer and dryer).  

Spent a couple of nights just east of Jacob's Lake, which is the cutoff to go down to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. The North Rim doesn't open for several more weeks.  But did some Forest Road driving in Sidekick. Was a really pleasant day.

I will definitely be doing this type of travels to see the "big" sites either before the season or after the season. The traffic is hardly any!

There will be a couple of more updates over the next two stay turned! 

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