Monday, April 2, 2018

Arizona for the Summer!!

Still in Texas...and still working on Europa. But we are getting closer each day to being ready for the trip AND adventure to Arizona. This has been a good stop and working visit to the kids here in DFW area. Have gotten quite a few things accomplished with Europa.

Due to all the rain...and I mean RAIN...that has been coming through the area over the past few weeks, I think I have finally found and conquered the leaks that were left in Europa. I even found a couple that I didn't realize that I had! The small ones were easy...there is still an issue with the windows...but my temporary fix has worked, so this coming week I'll be making small "awnings" over the middle of the windows to channel the water away from the bases of the windows...that is where the leaks were coming from.

Also have gotten the antennas for both the SiriusXM Sat Radio and.....

Hard to see, but I also found a "dome" tv antenna that works like a little champ... 
And both are mounted on the ladder on the rear of Europa, and they both work like a charm!

I've also managed to get 3 100watt solar panels mounted on the roof of Europa and still have my 120watt kick-out set, so when parked for over 24 hours or so, I can have a total of 420watts of solar charging my batts...and with a total of 35amps plus at times, I do believe that I will be able to do just fine in the desert!

I've also managed to get 4 aux batteries installed, so it seems that I will have the storage to get thru a couple of days of gray skies just fine. My main power drain is the fridge, and at a low setting, enough to keep my cheese and a few things include a couple of beers!....this should be a peaceful summer!

That is about it for now! Stay tuned for more of our adventure this summer!


Believe it or not.... After going to the Arizona Strip with my buddy Pete, when we get "done" with that adventure....Pete will be headed to Idaho for the summer, back to the Sawtooths....and I will be headed to the Apache-Sitgraves Nat'l Forest to camphost 2 primitive campgrounds until end of September or so. 

They have a total of 17 sites....all primitive campgrounds...just fire bathroom each to the East Fork of the Black an elevation of 7800 feet plus!!!! 12 miles from the nearest paved roads...OFF THE GRID!!!  And I'm just really looking forward to it!

So I'll be doing updates every couple of weeks when I "go to town" to do laundry & get supplies. Should be a fabulous summer!

Take care and more to come!!!


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