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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Meridian, MS

Had to go into town again..guess what?! The closest Wells Fargo is 90 miles away!! LOL!  So look out Wally World!! The charge free cash machine. Couple of drinks, dump house...and voila....I have cash!!!! LOL!

Enough of that...there are some really cool old "art deco" buildings downtown. The real tall one, if you look behind it...has what had got to be the oldest parking deck I've ever seen! And thankfully it looks like someone is slowly restoring the building.

But, once again, I've forgotten what summer is like down here in the "Deep South"! 11:37 in the morning & the heat index here is already 97°!! Guess we'll hit 105°+ index again today!

Lookout mtns...I'm headed that way SOON!!!

C'ya!! 🐸👍🚐⛺🌞🍻

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