Saturday, July 29, 2017

Doing the Waiting Game thing!!!

Still in Longview, TX at my daughter's place. They are putting up with me and my "children"....LOL!....Abbie & Snickers!


I will has been just so hot lately! The heat indexes have been hitting 105°-110° on a fairly regular, if not daily, basis! I just don't do well with all the humidity that seems to be in the area! 

But it has given me time to go thru the stuff I have with me that came out of Europa and from my storage locker...and get rid of a few more items!  LOL!  I just keep thinning out what I have to have for my lifestyle!!

 I got a pic from Tim & Steve yesterday, they are the brothers that are doing the top rebuild on Europa, that showed the heads off!!!  Europa looks SO sad from this view!  LOL!  But the good news is that outside of the head gasket blowing, just from eye looking, it does not look like there are any other major issues! Won't know for sure if either head warped any until next week when the shop is able to get to them. But for now things are looking good.

Europa is getting a full top-end head, intake, exhaust gaskets, head bolts, valve guides, new water pump, thermostat, hoses,  belts, etc....she should be good for 200K miles when I get her back on the road again.

Had new tires put on in Charlotte, NC and Dean rebuilt the front brakes in Gadsden, AL.  So most of what is left to do is just "cosmetic" and normal "home" upkeep. 

So I am feeling very good about the rest of the year...I just have to weather this little setback!! It has definitely changed my travel plans for the rest of the year, mainly due to the summer temps and weather in general...not to mention it has rather screwed up my budget!!!  LOL!

Also spent a couple of days with the kids in NRH,TX. They are doing fine and the g'kids are just growing up WAY too fast! LOL!

And of course...some of the kids never grow up!!  LOL!

 Like Daughter!!!  LOL

Either these kids are growing up too fast...OR...I'm getting old too fast!!

That about brings things up to date here! I'll post some more early next week, going to run down to Round Rock next week to see the folks and take pictures on the way down and there and back!!!

C'ya Later!!

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