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Sunday, August 30, 2015

A Gorgeous Sunday Morning!

Just a very quick "Good Morning" from my little slice of heaven!  LOL!  We had rain last night, apparently a pretty good rain! A couple of my campers have already stopped by this morning to let me know they were going to stay another night....because they love the area/ dry out today!  LOL!  I woke up once and heard it raining on the vents, and shut my door (which I had left open when I fell alseep last night!)....but I had no idea how hard it had rained until I stepped out this morning!  It was a good soaking....and we needed it here. There are several fires 15+ miles north of us, but with this rain it should have knocked them down some and it pretty well assures us that it shouldn't be any issue at all here!

I was almost full last night, but the next 3 days should be VERY quiet! No reservations coming in, which also means probably not many FCFS spots will fill either.  And seeing as I am in the ease out from camphost mode, I should be able to get quite a bit done on/in Bertha this week, getting ready for the run out of here. Will probably be headed out sometime between the 19th and 27th of Sept. I should have my little "new" Sidekick by next Wed or Thurs....can't wait!

Meet Tom, Connie & Oscar from Oregon.  Nice couple and Oscar really knows how to relax...for a dog that is!!

And this is Dawn & Jack from ID...and can you guess....they are VW lovers!  Jack had a body shop and they have this "Thing", Dawn has a Beetle....and they also have one of the old vans that has the split windows and the panorama windows!  A good camping couple. They've been here a couple of times this summer.

And this is Gino, Sarah (in pink) and Chelsea from CO. They were a fun family and looking forward to seeing them next year. Gino hadn't been camping in a couple of decades...and Sarah & Chelsea got him out in the mountains for a trial run at it again....and things seemed to have gone well!!  LOL!  So he is up to giving it another shot! Once out in the woods, it is hard to not come back! I am looking forward to seeing them again!

I guess I had better get out of the house and get started on my morning run thru the campground! I have delayed long enough this morning!  Greg just pulled out, might see him again before I shut down for the winter, but if not....he'll be back next summer!!

Have a great day.....and more to come later!!!


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