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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Reset time again...In MO this time! :)

In the middle of another 34hr southern Missouri this time.  I deliver in Jackson, TN in the morning, then turn and run back to W Memphis, AR to load out for Greensboro, NC.  Supposed to be in NM Tuesday morning...that is not going to happen.  But should be able to get there by Tuesday afternoon, late.

Have been working on the inside of the truck last night and today...between cat naps!  LOL  I'm about 90% done with the cabin...just a few things to get put up or thrown away and then some light cleaning and my mobile apartment will be pretty well setup!  :)  I've been going thru stuff that I have not used in 4 months and it went in the circular file box!  And I finally went thru my clothes and got rid of all my old stuff (have bought new shorts and shirts...don't look ragged any more!).  So all my clothes are either hanging or in one small tub, most of my food stuffs have homes now, electronics either in a case or cabinet, tools put away in tool box under dinette seats.  Just have stuff in one dinette seat to find homes for and a small amount in passenger seat!  Can almost see the whole floor!!!  It will get cleaned this evening and the throw rug will be taped in place and it will look like an actual living area!!  My bed linens get folded and put on the top bunk, along with pillows, and figured out how to get the top bunk raised up about 70% of the way up so that I now have head room all day!  Just drop it down at night and set up bed and ready for sleep!  Takes about 45 seconds to make my bed and 30 seconds to put it up in the mornings!  :D

You can tell when shipping is down a bit....the rest area I have been camped out in is a brand new one on the southern end of I-55 in MO (they closed down 2 on N bound and 2 on S bound) and they have only been opened a few monthsl  Last night the truck parking area never got much over 1/2 full!  So it was peaceful and the view is not bad. 

I think I'll listen to the end of the race and work on the cabin for a while and when I get done later I'll get back on here and post a few pics of my "cleaned up, set up mobile Japanese Efficiency Apartment!! 

I shall return!!  ;)

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