Thursday, June 27, 2013

One of these days.......

One of these days I will get on a more-or-less schedule and get this blog updated in a more reasonable time frame!  I got to my pick for in the morning this evening and by the time I got backed in, took Abbie out and ate something,laid out my run and took an unplanned nap, it was just too late to mess with getting pics moved over into the I will just do a quick update.

In Streetsboro, OH for the night.  Load out in the morning, run down to Cincinnati, do another pick for this run, then turn west and head for Aurora, CO.  Will be there Sunday night, make my drop Monday morning and then turn south for Albuquerque, NM for the 2nd drop on this run.  By then I will be out of hours again and be doing a restart. So will lounge around there for 2 days, look at the little motorhome I'm looking at and then do another 6 days, run out of hours and do it all over again!!

Been storming here all day/evening...wish some of it would go out to the Southwest....they are really hurting for water.  Be that as it may, I will be glad to get west of the MS river again!!

Oh, and today I finally got my lightweight is a 3 piece set and each piece weighs about 1/3 of weight of the other 2 tarps that I have had to use.  Thanks to Cavin for letting me get the light weight I told Erin (my dispatcher), I really don't mind was the picking up and moving around 130-185 pound tarps that was just in the plan for me to do!!  LOL

Anyway, 11:24pm so it is bedtime, 5:30 still comes early.  See you in the next couple of days and hopefully there will be a bunch of pics for you to see!

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