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Friday, July 8, 2022

Monthly Restock!

I'm in Elkins, WVa for a couple of days. Time for a monthly restock & laundry time! Goal reached....have gone 31 days between laundry runs! And also time for monthly Wally order!
Had a 0700 pickup time, but got my order at 0650! I really do not like shopping, so being able to do a pickup is right down my alley!!

I love hummingbirds! I can sit & watch them for hours...which is exactly what I did! 🤠 They are just amazing little creatures. But it should be pretty close to time for them to head farther North to their nesting grounds.
So I'll get to visit with them next year or possibly later this season if I'm her late enough this year for their migration South.

Spent one night at the Stonecoal Dispersed CG. It is right along the river and a really nice area. Quite cool & quiet. Only 17 sites. 2 vault toilets & really well kept up.
And it rained the whole time I was in there! LOL! But that guaranteed a cool evening & night.
My sinuses don't appreciate the pollen, but my eyes & senses do love the flowers up in these mountains.
I'm waiting on a package to get here, so might be in town a couple days longer than I planned. But once it gets here & I get on the road I'll be making a +/- 140 mile drive, a big circle. Several really neat places to visit & the photography should be excellent.
So that sorta gets me caught up! I stayed on Cheat Mtn 4+ weeks this go round. The little road trip I'm going to do will be 4-6 days, then back onto Cheat Mtn! The difference in the temps & "heaviness" of the air is rather astounding! The cool, clear air of the mountains is calling!

Be Safe, Travel Easy & To The Woods!

C'ya, Frog & Abbie

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