Thursday, September 16, 2021

Travels with Frog, Chapter 2

 Hi Gang!

It's been too long, but here is Chapter 2 of Travels with Frog! I hope to get more timely with my updates! I've gotten an AT&T phone so that I will have cell service here in WVa. AT&T pretty well has this state locked up for cell service!!

Hope you enjoy the video!


I will soon be uploading a video on my van "Lily"...what I've done to and on and in her to be out here full-time on the road. As is my normal activity, I'm still looking for places off the beaten paths where you can slow down for a time and relax...and...hopefully get into the woods, and step back in time! 

Keep checking back and see what we come we find out here on the back roads of the U.S.A. 🐸🐶

Be Safe!

Travel Easy!


Go to the Woods!!



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