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Saturday, July 17, 2021

Frog's Travels

There used to be a video here. But as you can tell I've pulled it down...actually, I've deleted my account from YouTube. 

A rather long story, but suffice it to say that I am quite pissed right now! When you can be challenged about using "copyrighted" music, have proof that it is not, that it is royalty free music that you have purchased a couple of decades in the past....but still are found to be in the wrong...but are given no choice except to either "mute", remove or "have a mark against your site".....I'm done with that.

I've been in this field too many years to put up with this kind of nonsense! I will try to continue to use this site for now. But I'm in the process of deciding (rather figuring out) what my next steps will be on this platform.

Suffice it to say that Google (or should I say "Alphabet" corporation) are not very high on my list of companies that I think are worried about "helping" the little guy to get along in this "social laced" world.

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