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Monday, June 7, 2021

Back in Bama for a ..... few weeks .... couple of months??

Well....However long we end up being here, Lily is in need of some TLC! So however long it takes, we will be back on the road when we get her totally done and ready for the adventure to come! 

The TLC list is not real long, but it is long enough! Radiator, Heater Core, finish painting the roof, one more battery for auxiliary power, a few modifications to the interior....Brakes!  LOL! And a complete tuneup! That covers most of the work yet to come.

So I'm setup in "our spot" at the house. Probably move every 10-14 days for errands, but pretty well "here" until middle of August. Then.......

Back on the road to the West!! In search of 70 degrees!

So stick with us. There will be updates as we get things done and setup and installed and working!

Can't wait to get back to the road, hopeful to see some of you out there...and don't forget, if you see us, take a pic and tag us - #icaughtfrog2021. Stickers are in the works and you'll get one if you catch us!

C'ya soon!

Frog & Abbie

🐸        🐶


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