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Thursday, January 28, 2021

Love the West! 🐸


This is just a really quick update!! Parked near the site of the long gone town of Charleston, AZ. Of which there is basically just a few, very few parts of adobe buildings left....and the old railway bed!

I have been in AZ now for about 3+ weeks and are just now on the road again. And as much as I enjoy visiting with friends...I am just sooo at home on the road!

Stopped by Lyman Lake State Park, and it is just a really well kept park and just beautiful!
Stayed with a friend that built his own cabin and is about 4+ miles past the last power lines!  Totally off grid. Helped him with a few projects around his place while there.
Made a 2 day run to Alpine, favorite place over all to spend June thru August! 8500+ elevation. Spent the night at my favorite spot! But if you notice...NO SNOW!! Now, I don't go looking for snow, but this area needs the snow pack for water for the rest of the year, and they are in very high need of snow right now. I'm hoping that they do get some good snow over the next two months.
Had a nice drive down to Tempe & Scottsdale. The drive, at one point, was totally reminiscent  of driving on "The Grapevine" in CA. Even to the point of north & south directions swapping sides getting up the mountains!
Been a long time since I saw a phone booth...and it makes a great front yard decoration!! LOL!
I was taken on a tour of the Tempe/Scottsdale/Mesa area. I was quite pleasantly surprised at just how clean the cities are.

As you can was raining while driving around. In fact, it rained for 4 days off & on.

Then as I headed south I make a side trip to the Saguaro Nat'l Park. It was a pretty loop drive, and I had never really thought about the size of those cactus! They get huge!

Next stop was Fairbank Historic Township...or at least what is left of it! And as with ALL the "public areas" in both state & federal system.....the shops & offices were and are closed! So no stickers or magnets collected. 😒

Last night I parked "close" to Charleston, AZ...a town that is basically not here! There are a few pieces of adobe walls left, but it is about 1/2 mile through thick brush to get to I just parked for the night.
And there was a gorgeous moon last night!

Hope all are well & hope to see you out here soon!

Frog & Abbie

🐸        🐶

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