Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Time to Catch Up

Guess it is about time to catch you up on the past month 🐸! And it was a busy month.

Got quite a bit done on Lily. Interior is basically done. Have a "tarp awning" that stays on pretty well even in fairly high wind. Have gotten rid of more of the "things" I have been carrying around and so now have a bit more storage room in Lily. 

Made a 54 hour 35 minute run to Round Rock, Texas and moved Mother back out to Alabama. 1700+ miles AND moving someone....it was a rather interesting weekend! But the move was accomplished!

I've been kind of under the weather...fighting sinuses! And a couple of other issues...but seem to be on the mend & feeling better each day.

Don't know if you have noticed, but people seem to be panic buying....AGAIN!!  Bah-humbug! I had been trying to get some butane for my little stove...WallyWorld has put a 2 item limit on them and everywhere else has been out! But I found a supplier online...and I'm setup now for several months!  🐸 

 Abbie got her last "spa day" for the winter! We'll do a travel trim right before we hit the road in a few weeks. So we now have a great groomer here, will be looking while on the road before too many months. 🐸

That pretty well gets us "current"! Just finishing up things on Lily and preparing to get on the road....in a few weeks!

Take care, stay healthy & C'ya out on the road soon!

Frog & Abbie
🐸       🐶


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