Wednesday, April 8, 2020

How are Y'all!?!?

 Hi Gang!!  Just thought I would take a minute to see how everyone was getting along during the "social distancing" days of today!
 I am in full "anti-social" currently!  With my 3+ acres of buffer area!  I'm hoping that all of you are doing well and taking care of yourselves!
 I'm still in the middle of lots of buffer...working on Europa, planning my escape route West when summer gets here, spending my spare time watching the pollen settle on EVERYTHING! So needless to say there is just all sorts of excitement here!!

Been thinking back to the road...and a few of the places we've been!


And back to the days when it all began....

And some of the pictures and thoughts of those days.....

Both the good and the sometimes frustrating days....

Just remember that when things start too look like they can only get worse...

the good days will always return.....

We just have to have the patience to wait on them!

Hope to see all of you out there real soon!!!

Frog, Abbie & Snickers
🐸 🐶 🐱


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