Saturday, January 18, 2020

Summer in AZ 2019

It was a good summer in AZ this past summer. Weather was good overall & the temps were livable! I was in the Alpine, AZ again

I'm back onto Blogspot for the time-being until I'm able to get my website back up and running. So time travels onward!  

I've  been in the DFW Metro area since the end of October. Visiting with the kids and folks, spent a couple of weeks working with Toys for Tots and I'm in the middle of doing some repairs and upgrading to Europa.

I'm getting close to being headed for Alabama. I'm planning on getting on the road February 21. Spend 4-5 days getting there is the plan. 

I put together a couple of quick videos of a couple of stops coming back from Arizona....thought you might like to see them....

 This video is a slideshow from a stop while still driving a truck that I put together just to start getting back used to my video editing program. 

So "back on Blogspot" for the time being...and just might stay on here for a few months...time will be the judge!!

As always, "headed for the woods & backroads" so stick with us. I'll be headed out this coming Monday or Tuesday for a 5-6 day excursion just out of the get a little peace back into my soul!!

Hope to see you out here soon...on the road & off the grid!!

Frog, Abbie & Snickers


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