Sunday, November 12, 2017


Good Sunday Morning!

Winter is struggling to get down into the southern area where I am! It has actually been rather "chilly" here a couple of times in the past couple of weeks!  LOL!  And I'm sure that is a nasty thought to some! 

I'm in the middle...almost exactly the middle...of scanning in a massive collection of family pictures that range from the 1930's to the early 2000's...
My G'mother on left, don't know the man in glasses...but that is Pres Lyndon B Johnson & Ladybird
My G'father in San Antonio 1939

& it's still there!!! Just updated some!!

That's my grandparents & I think that is ME!  LOL!

Tiffany & Joshua
 and so far...I've scanned 1,547 pics, that's 20.6gb worth of pics in to over 135 different folders...and it is maybe half of the pics!  LOL!  I still have a little over 2 tubs of pictures to go!

 It is really amazing just how many pictures have been "collected" over the years! But, one suggestion for folks...if you still take hard copy pics...use a Sharpie and write on the backs of the pics explaining what/when/who/where pictures are taken! If you use an album to keep them in, DO NOT WRITE ON THE PAGES and expect them to still be on the same pages and over the same writing FIFTY years later!!  LOL!!  The odds are they will not be still attached to the page!!!

Any way...yesterday & today I'm letting my brain have a break! I basically did a 40 hour week last week scanning, and some "overtime" if you count the time that I spent sorting them into the different groups/people.

Hope everyone has a good week...I'm getting into my planning stage again to "lay out the next few months" the places I'm headed, and things & people that I want to see. And for anyone interested in a real trek...end of March upcoming, I'm going to head for the AZ Strip...that's the NW corner of AZ, the western end of the Grand Canyon Nat'l Park...there are NO modern conveniences for basically 200 miles-to include no gas, cell coverage - NOTHING!  Heheheh...can't wait!

photo by Joshua
So, once again, have a good week upcoming...more to come soon!   

And remember...when you think that the past seems like a dark, damp, lonely place in the depths of the earth.....

They can be and are just the beginning of an adventure into the past of your life......

And the start of the future!!!

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