Thursday, November 13, 2014

Winter hits South Texas!!

Well....more or less....winter has hit south Texas....and you can get a good grin when you look out and see folks here dressed like they are in Denver!! It is currently 39* (was down to 34* this morning)...and tomorrow is supposed to be colder. And these poor folks are not used to temperatures like this! I'm quite happy with this weather...but these poor folks are not looking forward to this winter. It just might possibly be a long and really cold winter for this part of the world!

   The "community area" in the middle of the main buildings is also coming along nicely. The pool area is coming right along. It go slowed down with all the rain we got last week....the middle area turned into basically a small swamp!  But it has dried out (kind of) and they are getting ready to do the final pours of the pool area and walkways and "patios". So it is all coming together!

They are coming right along with this project. In fact, I am amazed at just how much they have gotten accomplished in just the past 2 weeks. In fact, they have moved in furniture at the "clubhouse" and office section of building 8. And from what James has told me, they are getting several apartments ready to be turned over to the owners....which I am quite sure has made them very happy. There is even hard power in that little section of the building. So just maybe before too long I will have a hard power drop of a 30 amp line for me and Bertha.  That will be a blessing!  No more fighting with workers that would overload my little 20 amp plug!

Now on for some of the practicality of the goings on here.....concrete!! They have poured and cured the entire driveway around the the point that all that is left is the main entrance approach!  This sounds like a minor accomplishment on a project like this...but for me and Bertha and Abbie....this is a major thing!  The generation of dust has been decreased by at least 90%!!  Which means my sinuses and the interior of the house has been brought an amount of relief that is almost tangible!! I only have to dust 2 or 3 times a week now instead of 2 or 3 times daily!!! Oh,what a relief it is!!  LOL

This picture is what my current pot of "stew" started out from...and it came out pretty good....but I will have to get a larger crock pot if I plan on using all these ingredients in a meal at once. For a meal for probably 3-5 folks, you can't beat this mix!!  LOL   Started out making a cup of rice in my rice cooker.  Then transfer it to you crock pot. Add to that 2 cans of canned beef and gravy (drain off "gravy" if you get Great Value..just too much like water), then let it simmer for 10-20 minutes.  The drain the liquid off of a can of mixed veggies and blend them in.  About 10 minutes later, add about half a pack of Lipton Beefy Onion soup mix...DRY! Don't add any water, just mix it in a best you can and put the lid on. Let that cook for on high for 20 minutes of so, then remove the lid and mix it up real well with large spoon. That's when the gravy mix will totally mix up and disperse.  What you come up with is a moist, tasty "stew/soup" that is actually quite good!  And the cost is about $7.00....maybe!  Might actually be less that that. But it is good!

Time to take a little rest period and get ready for another night. Thought I would close out today with a nice sunset pic from the heart of  San Antonio!

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