Wednesday, November 21, 2012

New job - new places

I've been busy getting settled into new job. :) I'm back to driving a truck - it's like slipping on an old pair of comfortable slippers. I'm hauling "fracking sand" to well sites for oil & gas extraction.

Guess you could say I'm adding to the controversy! But it is quite interesting learning how they go about it & how much work it takes getting it out of the ground.

Each load of sand is about 48,000 pounds. And the operation can go thru as many as 24+ loads in 24 hrs from what I understand. The "sand" has silicates & other stuff in it. And apparently cost/lb is $6 and up, so this stuff is not cheap!

And we have to deliver at all times of day & night!

This pic was my second load. Had to wait 6.5 hours to deliver, & there were trucks that had been waiting for over 10 hours, so if you are an impatient personality you won't last long on this job! LOL

And quite often we get to eat a meal out if the caterer trailer that the well crews eat from - and they do eat pretty dog-gone well! :)

But it definitely helps my food budget to stretch out for more days. ;)

Right now I'm off for several days, my truck developed quite a thirst for oil. I'm getting 5-6 mpg on fuel, but was getting 100 miles to a gallon of oil - not good! But it is getting fixed as of right now, so hopefully I'll be back in it Friday morning.

Guess that's enough for now. I'll get back here in a couple of days. Tomorrow is eat too much day & football all day! :)

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